Junior High

Mrs. Pam Brown

Junior High Social Studies Teacher and Avila House Advisor

Mrs. Brown has enjoyed teaching for 30 years. "My favorite thing about being a teacher is communicating my love of history to the junior high students. I also have a great time giving them a hard time." She moved to Norman in junior high school and graduated from Norman High. She received a Bachelor of Science in American History and a Masters degree in Social Science, both from The University of Oklahoma. She taught in Noble for 11 years before coming to teach at All Saints 20 years ago. "I love being able to express my faith." Mrs. Brown and her husband, Chris, have four children.  Their two older boys are both married, their daughter attends OU and their youngest son attends Norman High. They have two grandbabies. "I confess...I am a doting grandmother." Mrs. Brown enjoys running (fast jogging) and enters 5K's and half marathons whenever she can.

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Mr. Frank Lawrence

Junior High Science Teacher and Albert House Advisor

Mr. Lawrence graduated from OU with an Elementary Education degree in 1995. He started at All Saints the first year it opened. He taught music and was an assistant teacher the first year. The second year he taught 4th grade and remained in that position for three years. In 2000, he moved to junior high and settled as the science teacher. In 2012 he took two years off, but remained active in the All Saints community substituting, teaching an elective class and providing music for our weekly school Mass. He returned to his full time position in junior high science in 2014 refreshed and ready for more! Mr. Lawrence and his wife, Suzy, have one child left at All Saints. Sierra is in 7th grade this year. "Pray for me." He is an active singer/songwriter and musician, playing guitar, mandolin, and drums/percussion regularly in the area. He also enjoys the outdoors a great deal and spends a fair amount of time hiking, rock climbing and camping.  

Ms. Michelle Juergens

Junior High Literature Teacher and Drexel House Advisor

Ms. Juergens has been a teacher for eight years. "As a teacher, the students are my favorite. I enjoy a classroom full of unique, creative and insightful personalities. They never cease to amaze me!" She graduated with a B.A. in Journalism from OU in 2006 and plans on going back to school for her Master's degree next fall. In the past, she has coached junior high basketball and volleyball as well as high school varsity golf. Ms. Juergens loves sports. She has attended every OU football game since she was a little kid. She loves animals, especially dogs. She is very close to her family and enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephew.

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Mr. Bryan McCaffrey

Junior High Language Arts Teacher and Seton House Advisor

Mr. McCaffrey joined the All Saints faculty in January of 2017.  He has a degree in Philosophy from Conception Seminary College, where he graduated in 2014.  He is also a 2005 All Saints graduate!

Mrs. Sally Straka

Junior High Math Teacher and Gregory House Advisor

Mrs. Straka has been a teacher for eight years. "I love teaching math to students and the "I get it!" moments. I love the interaction with students and their families." She and her family recently moved to Norman from Wichita, Kansas, and they feel blessed to be a part of All Saints.  "All Saints is a terrific school in many ways, but most importantly, All Saints is a great school because God is part of our school day everyday - even in math!" She has a B.A. degree in Education from Wichita State University and is certified to teach 5th through 8th grade language arts and 5th through 12th grade math. She and her husband, Jim, have five children - four young men and one young lady. Mrs. Straka sews, quilts and enjoys arts and crafts. Her favorite basketball team is the Wichita State Shockers. She also has three cats, two dogs and a fish.

Mr. Matthew Shallcross

Junior High Religion Teacher and Rother House Advisor

Mr. Shallcross is in his second year at All Saints. He has a Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies and Philosophy from the University of Oklahoma and a Master's degree in Theology from Boston College. He moved to Norman from Bloomingdale, Illinois. Mr. Shallcross enjoys reading, gardening, watching OU, college football and Thunder basketball. He collects writings from and about the early Church. He can also read Greek.