Christian Educational Partnership

We, at All Saints Catholic School, consider it a privilege to work with parents in the education of their children. Together, let us spend this year committed to a Christian Educational Partnership as we support one another in helping your child to become the best person he/she is capable of becoming.

As partners in the educational process at All Saints Catholic School, we expect parents:

  • To actively participate in school activities, such as Parent-Teacher Conferences;
  • To see that the student pays for any damage to school books or property due to carelessness or neglect on the part of the student;
  • To notify the school when the student will be absent;
  • To notify the school of any changes to address and important phone numbers;
  • To complete and return to school any requested information promptly;
  • To inform the school of any special situation regarding the student’s well-being, safety, and health;
  • To read school notes, newsletters and other correspondence, and respond when appropriate;
  • To ensure that students attend our weekly school masses;
  • To support the religious and educational mission of the school;
  • To support and cooperate with all discipline policies of the school;
  • To treat teachers and administrators with respect and courtesy;
  • To refrain from engaging in defamatory comments regarding the school, faculty, administration, other students, or our Catholic parishes, including, but not limited to, those made in online sites;
  • To meet all financial obligations to the school.

Once you have chosen to enter into a partnership with us at All Saints Catholic School, we trust that you will be loyal to this commitment. During these formative years, your child needs constant support from parents and faculty in order to develop his/her moral, spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural and physical self. Neither parents nor teachers can afford to doubt the sincerity of the efforts of their educational partner in the quest of challenging, yet nourishing, the student to reach his/her potential. It is vital that both parents and teachers remember that allowing oneself to be caught between the student and the other partner will never have positive results. Evidence of mutual respect between parents and the faculty and administration at All Saints Catholic School will model mature, Christian behavior and relationships.