Welcome to All Saints

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Welcome to the All Saints Catholic School website! We have designed the site to be simple to use and showcase our mission, students, and staff.

This wonderful educational institution was established in Norman, Oklahoma, in 1996, in the name of Jesus Christ, as a result of the dedicated Archbishop, faculty, administration, staff, parish communities, and strong parental support. The school moved from its original location at Saint Joseph Parish on the east side of Norman, to its present location on the west side, in 1998. We have grown from a student body of 160 in the first year to serving nearly 400 students from Norman and surrounding towns. In 2007, we received national recognition as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education. In addition, we are dually accredited through the Oklahoma Conference of Catholic Schools Accrediting Association (OCCSAA) and the State of Oklahoma.

Choosing a school is perhaps the most important decision a parent will make. School is more than a place where children learn – it’s a place where they grow. As parents, we want to help our children grow in faith as well as knowledge. We want them to make choices informed by facts, but also grounded by a deep sense of morality. We try to nurture their abilities so that as they mature and search for answers to questions, they can discover the unique purpose of their lives.

At All Saints Catholic School, we believe that children experience this kind of growth in an educational tradition firmly rooted in the life and teachings of Christ. We are a Catholic community centered in His Gospel messages of compassion, respect, sacrifice and service to others. Working together, our faculty and staff, along with families cultivate these core values, encouraging each child’s spiritual and academic development.

All Saints is a place where a child can flourish because it’s where faith and knowledge intertwine. Religion is central to the curriculum and, though taught as a subject, it spans all curricular areas. As students grow in responsibility and understanding, the desire to do what is right grows with them. They learn to work to their fullest potential, to believe in themselves, and to recognize and share their God-given talents.

We have a dedicated and hardworking staff. Our teachers work long hours and are committed to helping students grow spiritually, academically, and morally. They truly teach as Jesus did.

We believe that “God is Here” at All Saints Catholic School. I am confident that if you come to visit our school, you will experience Christ’s loving presence at ASCS, as well.

Sincerely in Christ,

Dana Wade, M. Ed.